Monday, November 11, 2013

Reset counter Epson CX1500 and CX1600

Reset waste ink counter epson cx1500 using adjustment program. This reset methode work also in epson CX1600. Default setting this adjustment is for epson CX1500, if using printer epson cx1600 set the setting in setting tab (after run adjustment wpson cx1500) and equal to the printer. This software require no date setting.
  1. Turn on your printer
  2. Download the program from following link, and Extrac the file and then run the EXE file named “FT0077_0624.exe” (with the Kitty Kat image icon)
  3. Click “RD Settings” tabs
  4. Double click on option 7 (Dump Rsaya Data)
  5. A new window should open and in the left column look for a “Protection Counter A” and should read a number above 4 thousand and something.
  6. Select that number and DELETE it, and replace with a zero “0″
  7. Click “Ok” at the bottom and another window should open “SAVE Rsaya Data Success” click “accept”
  8. Click “EXIT” and exit the application
  9. Turn the printer OFF, and then turn ON and the printer cx1500 should be ok now.

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