Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OkiData C3400

Increasing the series of good quality laser printers, Oki releases the OkiData C3400. A color laser printer that is designed for busy offices or businesses that need high quality, no-nonsense copying.

The tiny control panel on the front is enough to assess the printer functions but not much else. There is no LCD screen, just three status lights and two buttons. Most of the printer features are controlled from a computer though. Oki’s software “Print Control” package is complete enough to give full control over the machine.

Performance-wise the C3400 is pretty good. Print speed is around 20 pages per minute for a typical business document, and color around 16 pages per minute. Print quality is excellent in both monochrome, and color. Text and images are sharp, even down to the finest details. Our test document consists of a mixture of images, graphs, and text. One version in monochrome and the other color. It is the same document we use on all our tests and puts most devices through their paces.

The C3400 is network ready, including a built-in 10/100 interface. Connecting up was as easy as plugging it in. It appeared in our small workgroup a minute later. The driver package is good, easy to use and worked first time. There were also the Oki Print Control package as mentioned above.

The standard paper drawer holds 250 sheets and is located under the flap which hides the toner. The drawer isn’t expandable and the printer isn’t a modular device, but 250 sheets should be enough for a smaller office.

Toner is relatively inexpensive, being able to produce around 2500 sheets before needing replacing. Color ones cost a little more and produce up to 2000 sheets each.

This is a good printer for a SOHO or smaller workgroups. It is small enough to not take up too much real estate, but capable enough for those times when larger print jobs are needed. The C3400 isn’t scalable or upgradeable, but what it does, it does well.

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