Monday, May 27, 2013

HP LaserJet 8150

I remember ordering a few HP LaserJet 8150’s for my school when they first came out. The printer representative talked me through all the options and it seemed to be the best bet for our situation.

While not the cheapest in the market, they certainly weren’t the most expensive either. What sold me was the modular design, which meant we could configure each one we ordered to fit the purpose for which it was needed. Plus, HP’s reputation for reliability had been hard-won, especially in the education sector, so I could have confidence that the purchases would be more than fit-for-purpose.

For example, in the administration office we had the 8150 with the optional 2000 sheet paper handler and stapler, LAN faxing and remote management. The science department had a standard printer, with networking. The English department had the 8150dn with duplexing for double sided printing, and the mathematics department had the standard 8150, like science.

We could tailor the printers for the needs, and workload of each department, saving us hundreds of dollars in all. That significant saving, with no effect to performance is the kind of saving we all like.

The standard printer managed around 30 pages per minute, and even though they were mono printers, they could handle pictures well too. While they would never be works of art, they were more than good enough for our purposes, probably more.

Print quality is important, even to us. There is no point in printing something out if you have to squint to read it. Text is the strong point of the 8150, it prints it quickly and it prints it well. Text heavy documentation makes up the vast majority of our workload so that feature was important to us. Even when printing handouts, flyers, parental communications or other paperwork, the 8150 delivers in spades. Every letter is perfectly formed and well printed. They appear black, and not the dark gray we used to get. It doesn’t smudge, spill or otherwise mar the whiteness of the paper in any way. The only ink on the page is what’s supposed to be there which is important for our reputation.

The LaserJet 8150 is a great machine. You can make of it what you will, tailor it to any job and generally fiddle with it until it does exactly what you want it to do. Backed up by HP’s decent reputation and technical support, you should be printing long into the future with one of these.

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