Friday, April 5, 2013

Epson AcuLaser CX11N

The Epson AcuLaser CX11N is one of the first of a new breed of color laser printers to be launched. These are set in direct competition to the color multifunctions that are currently on the market. While it doesn’t offer everything the popular multifunctions do, both functions included work well enough to offset the lack of other functions.

The CX11N is a color laser printer with a flatbed scanner set on top. The controls are clear and simple to use with a five line LCD display presenting menu options and messages. Setting up the printer is a bit complicated, as you have to open covers on the top and front to install the toner cartridges and drum. The CX11N uses a carousel based mechanism which where each layer of color is added to the page in turn while the toners revolve.

Often the carousel design means the device is slow to print, but we saw no evidence of this, with our test document being completed in a respectable two and a half minutes. This equates to 25 pages per minute for monochrome prints and 5 pages per minute for color.

Print quality is excellent, with black text especially clear and sharp. You buy a color laser for color printing though, and the AcuLaser CX11N doesn’t let you down. Color images appear vivid and well-defined and even color photographs are more than acceptable. This print quality means anything that it prints would be good enough for customer use or marketing.

The scanner looks a little ungainly on the top, and it may cause problems for desktop users, but works well and keeps the overall footprint small. It is simple to operate, and produces decent scans at a maximum interpolated resolution of 2400 dpi.

Youll get 4,000 pages out of a toner cartridge, black and color alike and at $47 each, they won’t break the bank when printing. Often the cost per page is a significant deciding factor when choosing a printer. With prices and performance like this there is nothing to think about. This is a solid performer, with better than average print quality and reasonable running costs.

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