Friday, March 1, 2013

NTSC Mini DV camcorder Canon GL2

Part of Canons high-end, "prosumer" range, the GL2s features include three 1/4" CCDs, a fixed fluorite 20x zoom lens, and a portable formfactor. It has a 2.5" flip-out LCD display and 0.44" color viewfinder. It also has Canons advanced accessory shoe, allowing on-camera lighting or a camera-mounted microphone. It has the ability to record in 480i60 as well as 480p30 onto standard MiniDV cassettes. The progressive scan output of this camera is obtained through Canons proprietary frame mode processing of the GL2s interlaced sensor, as opposed to a more traditional progressive sensor[1]. Its operating weight, when batteries and tapes are included, is just under three pounds.

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