Sunday, March 10, 2013

Head Driver Printer Epson LQ 2190

This experience occurred at the company where I work. At
that time there was a mold problem user complaints Epson LQ 2190 printer is not

After the check turns out needle printer head is broken. And immediately
I said to the user that the printer should replace the printer head.

After a few days the print head is ready, and I directly
install the new print head.

Once completed in pairs, the printer can turn normally.

But what happens after doing test print, the new printer
head movements several times a sudden smell of burning in the printer. And
spontaneously I turn off the printer directly.

Then I studied in more detail on the motherboard, with a
multitester and it's true. Head driver IC on the motherboard is damaged.
Incidentally, I have a motherboard lq2180 printer was broken, so I can grab the
driver IC to replace. Once completed replace the IC in trying again still can
not work.

Then check again the power supply, this time I immediately
replace the power supply circuit. And after all the installed printer can work

Of the problem according to my analysis, if the printer is
used continuously without stopping will cause overheat.Jika printer head
printer head overheat, it will cause short head and a broken head driver IC

The worst of the power supply will be damaged as well.

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