Thursday, March 7, 2013

Epson Stylus Photo 1270 Reset

  1. Turn off your printer, ensuring that the print head is at it’s home location
    and locked in place as normal;
  2. Power off the printer at the wall or by removing the power cable, for at
    least 20 seconds;
  3. When you restore power to the printer at the wall socket or by reinserting
    the cable, if the lights come back on straight away, the printer’s power switch
    was ‘on’ - switch it off and return to step 1;
  4. Hold down the paper-feed button and the button with the ink-drops next to
    it, and then turn on the printer, still holding the buttons down;
  5. When the paper-out LED flashes, release the buttons;
  6. Press and hold the Cleaning button, until several lights flash - this will
    take a few seconds (i.e. then release the button);
  7. The printer will now attempt to reset, including resetting the EEPROM memory
    and running a short (about 10 seconds) cleaning cycle.

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